7 ways to become more effective as a designer

How to become a more effective designer? You just have to clear your eyes, work hard, concentrate and enjoy the process.

Here are some tips to help you increase your effectiveness as a designer:

Choose your niche

Your nature tells you to create different projects because you are so talented and you can do everything because people expect it from you. But the harsh truth is that your story does not become clear and comprehensible.

Select your specific area. Move-in one direction.

The good in everything is not perfect in anything.

See what your audience values ​​the most, give them more than this amazing work that will bring you the most joy and they will come back for more.

«People will put you in the box themselves. You just have to tick this box. ” – Sean Wes

If you create wonderful logos, keep doing it. People will recognize you and think, “Hey, I know a guy who makes great logos.” But if you are involved in other projects, it will be harder for people to see you as an expert.

Build trust

Sharing ideas on Facebook is good, but not enough. You decide to start your own business, drive traffic and sales, but if you don’t have an audience, your sales will collapse at some point.

Not the strongest, not the smartest, but one who can adapt to change better than anyone else, survives.

If you have experience and knowledge, learn more and educate others in everything you know. Make your blog. Post valuable content that resonates with people around the world. Talk to other designers. Help them become the best version of themselves.

Stop nourishing your ego and taking advice from people outside your field. You will be surprised how you can learn something valuable from a casual person who is serious about their business.

Start writing every day to make it a habit. Be consistent and let people know what to expect from you.

Fight criticism with confidence

After all, we work for the people, and if you want to keep a balance in this area, you need to know how to counter criticism. Nowadays, if you work as a designer for a large agency, you are constantly confronted with designers – everyone around you is a designer….

Imagine having a great interface – you have time, long before the deadline, and everyone likes it. Well, except for a few people. Check out some tips:

⦁ Prepare for the presentation and choose the best arguments to your advantage. Speak confidently. Make sure you are confident in the quality of your product;
⦁ Listen to reviews and respond heartily. Take a deep breath and calm down, even if it is difficult. Admit it, if the ideas and suggestions are really helpful. Be flexible;
⦁ There will be a few people who will come just to insult you. But if you are angry, it will be difficult to handle the whole situation. Do not react and smile.

Stay away from distractions

Increase your productivity as a designer by splitting your day. The to-do list will allow you to track your progress and enjoy yourself when you delete another task from the list.

When you are in the middle of the creation process, remove any interruptions: close the Facebook page, focus and work carefully.

Write down these distractions and you will enjoy the wonderful tranquillity next time. Try repeating this process and it will eventually become a habit with productive results.

Improve your portfolio

Creating a strong portfolio takes time, dedication and hard work, but it is well worth the effort. Its purpose is to attract future clients with interesting side projects.

If, at the same time, you still have to meet the challenges of daily work, then creating a great portfolio can be exhausting.

Do your best and create great projects, share them with the community, ask for feedback, take the time and create great animations, and the winner will be impressive.

Work hard and enjoy the process.

Even if you have several complex projects with short deadlines and you feel depressed, just take a step back and relax.

Projects come and go, but the most valuable thing is knowing how to rest properly and how much. Continuous winding through setbacks will impair your productivity as a designer in the long run. But what exactly will help you relax while you work:

⦁ Drink delicious coffee;
⦁ Write down ideas and concepts on paper, sketch and play with ideas;
⦁ Do not overload too much, as this will be evident in your work;
⦁ Listen to your favourite music;
⦁ Take breaks – you will need them. A few minutes of distraction can be very helpful;
⦁ Work as a team.

The most important thing in the life of a designer is continuous and continuous training. Good work is not enough. Be curious and challenge yourself, step out of your comfort zone to become the best designer.

Work is an endless process, so no matter how busy you are, you always read useful articles about design principles, the creative process, typography and many other wonderful things that happen in this community.