After how long does content marketing start generating sales?

Content marketing is now the future of business, a backbone for the development of internet marketing in general. Implementing a content marketing strategy takes time. The question is, how long?

Some people soon decided to test the idea of ​​content marketing and expect very fast results. For them, implementing a marketing strategy means: Yesterday I wrote the first blog article, tomorrow morning I am already expecting sales growth. This is normal, in every area the start-ups are prone to this misconception, but in proportion to the acquisition of experience and professionalism, the results will not be delayed.

Some marketers have long been involved in creating and promoting content. They do everything by the rules. Their blog is like a clock: at the same time every day – a new article; each material is promoted; many texts and videos receive decent promotion on social networks. But all this does not give the most important thing – sales growth. It’s sick, it deprives hope and kills the belief in content marketing.

Both beginners and non-beginners face one problem: achieving sales growth through content marketing is an extremely difficult task. And the less effort they spend and the less time they spend in accomplishing this task, the less impossible it is to achieve results.

Before your belief in content marketing dies, realize the following: Many are unable to properly calculate their strength and do everything perfectly simply because they accept the viral potential of content marketing content: they are convinced that create materials that get likes, which is exactly the guarantee that sales will increase.

Because your content will be widely distributed, sales will not increase. The virus is not a guarantee for generating sales. This is confirmed by the practice of many people.

Does that mean it’s not worth looking for your content to be widely distributed on the web? Of course, it doesn’t mean that. But you have to understand that the many thousands of people who read your content and even share it with friends on social networks do not think so: “Oh what a nice article, I have to buy a lot of products that this company offers!”.

It is unreasonable to expect that content marketing will be so “inspiring” to influence people who are no doubt representative of your audience.

How does content marketing work?

What is the point of the need for widespread content promotion, what is it all about if you cannot expect the inspiration to inspire you to buy your product?

The point is simple: if you don’t stop and continue to invest in creating and promoting high quality content that your fans like (by the way, if you look at it critically, you will probably realize that it does not fit your target audience perfectly, and this is the reason for insufficient sales growth), over time your fans get used to you, with your brand, its ideas, you become a part of their life. Your audience begins to trust you. And only then does this happen, you have the right to expect more – part of this audience transforms their loyalty to you into real action – into making a purchase.

How it works in practice: you repeat the same actions many times, creating content again and again that likes but “doesn’t work” until you get started in the process of long and hard work, in the process of trial and error, quanta amazing content that resonates well with your target audience. This is not done in a day. It is a very long process that requires serious effort and investment.

You’re probably still waiting for the answer to the question, how long does it take for the content to work, start generating sales, i.e. to do something that it was created for? But this question has no definite answer.

It all depends on you, your ability to capture the interest vector of your audience and create content that reflects his or her interests, your experience and professionalism, a competent approach to investing in content, whether you realize that it is expensive and long, Finally, the objective market factors that affect your brand.

And if your hope starts to fade, change tactics: redraw your content plan, search for new ideas, create experimental content – try it, because only trying it out and testing it will take you forward.

Remember search marketing, follow the rules of search promotion. For example, remember that keys are a means of getting search traffic, which is why key phrases need to be organically developed into your content.

Keep patience and remember: getting results from content marketing is a time-consuming process. A large number of promotions is not equivalent to a large number of sales. Only when your brand becomes “part of the life” of your audience will you notice the result.