Content marketing or buying links?

Content marketing or link buying, which one to choose? Why does buying an external reference table stop producing results?

Search engines have learned to deal with SEO manipulations, which undoubtedly include the purchase of external links. Outsmarting search engine algorithms and solving our SEO tasks in this way is no longer that simple. By itself, increasing the purchase of links at this point is pointless. If you need results and increased natural links, the one way out is to make a complete change to your site’s promotion strategy, focus your efforts on content marketing.

Content marketing is the only alternative to buying links

If you need results, today you should strive to increase the number of natural links and reduce your budget for buying a reference table. Let’s see why connections are ineffective and what is their alternative.

The role of linkages in promotion is difficult to assess. It is impossible to say unequivocally what the importance of this or that purchased link is for promoting the site. There are no objective evaluation parameters. Even the obvious criterion – the position of the site in search results – is far from obvious on this point: where is the influence of links and where is the role of other factors? It is difficult to determine.

Buying links without the use of other tools that are important to the promotion will not bring anything. Only content marketing gives real results.

The most important component of content marketing is high-quality content that is of interest to the target audience, boosting conversions and quoting naturally. Unique site texts that the visitor can get really useful information from is the main thing the site needs today.

Quality content is the only way to increase your natural reference mass and increase conversion. Interesting material that people will discuss in the forums, cite in blogs, will refer to them in their profiles on social networks. The number of natural links that lead to a particular page will be easy to determine with good content. Also, you will be able to find out what keyword phrases a page ranks in search engines.

But most importantly, you will be able to appreciate the importance of evaluating the value of Content Marketing in financial metrics by comparing the revenue your site delivers without content and the revenue it will bring after filling it with good texts.

We thus conclude that: assessing the impact of content marketing on-site promotion is easier than determining the value of a link. A link buying budget is better spent on good copywriters.