Digital marketing – types, concept, tools

What is digital marketing? Digital or digital marketing is a means of communication with the consumer through specific digital channels, such as smartphones, computers, tablets, television, radio, digital screens.

Besides, digital marketing is also embodied in offline channels in the form of links to electronic resources and QR codes.

Digital marketing involves a personalized approach, which means you need to have an idea of ​​your potential customer’s needs, preferences, interests, and other data.

The whole process of building an online advertising campaign can be expressed in five main stages:

⦁ Define the goals of your digital advertising campaign (increase sales, customer acquisition, data acquisition, etc.), develop a strategy;
⦁ Select the message distribution channels;
⦁ Formulate a communication message, present it in a format appropriate to the selected channels;
⦁ Start an advertising campaign;
⦁ Regularly monitor and analyze the advertising campaign, adjust if necessary.
⦁ We should emphasize that digital advertising is appropriate if you are marketing a specific product to a narrow target audience. Otherwise, your message will not be personalized enough and will not produce the desired effect.

Moreover, digital marketing, despite its diversity of distribution channels, is preferred to attracting active Internet users.

Another feature of digital marketing is its information orientation. Therefore, if your goal is exclusive sales, then digital marketing is not for you. But digital technologies will excel at improving your brand recognition and providing product information to the consumer.

Advantages of digital marketing

⦁ Rapid growth in brand recognition;
⦁ Relatively low cost;
⦁ Ability to control and adjust;
⦁ Unobtrusive.

Types and tools of digital marketing

There are two types of digital marketing: online distribution and offline distribution. Each species, in turn, has its implementation tools.

Online space

  • SEO optimization
  • Optimize your site for user queries, this will lead to more visitors
  • Contextual advertising
  • It is directly related to optimization. These are ads (links) that appear on resources with topics relevant to the message
  • Banner advertising
  • This is an advertising image that is located on every page of the web site of your choice
  • Targeting
  • Personalized social media ad leading to your site (page)
  • Viral advertising
  • Advertising that is distributed on the Internet by the users themselves
  • Email newsletter
  • Personalized emails with advertising content
  • Push and Pop up windows
  • Popups for the selected resource
  • Local advertising
  • Natural advertising of selected resources, for example, an article on a topic that mentions your product
  • Advertising in mobile applications
  • A variety of ads embedded in mobile applications

Offline space

  • QR codes from various sources
  • Insert QR codes into various sources with bonuses and gifts
  • TV commercial
  • Expensive but effective promotion channel. Allows you to reach the maximum number of audiences
  • Radio Advertising
  • It is also not a budget promotion channel, but it does allow you to notify a large number of people
  • SMS messages
  • Short SMS messages with information about promotions and news

The most effective solution will be to combine several tools at once. This will allow you to reach the maximum possible audience.