Facebook for digital marketing

Why you should choose Facebook for digital marketing. Marketing is the key to any business success. If you are already an entrepreneur or planning to get started this year, it is very important to have your marketing strategy right away.

You need to set a budget and try one marketing channel once to evaluate your return on investment and decide whether to continue. Many professionals believe that Facebook advertising will outperform all other digital marketing channels.

Why use Facebook for digital marketing?

Facebook advertising campaigns are customized for a specific audience. For this reason, the Facebook Custom Audience Tool can work perfectly. This tool allows marketers to download contact lists, such as emails, user IDs, and phone numbers, so they can target specific ads.

This is appropriate for everyone: from private entrepreneurs who have only a few hundred contacts to giant companies with hundreds of thousands of contacts.

Maximum visibility at minimum cost

If you are planning to promote your business on the Internet, you need a large audience. Facebook is currently ranked third among the most popular online platforms, with 1.79 billion active users working every month.

Advertising on Facebook is relatively cheaper than on Google.

The survey also shows that users spend 90% of their time on mobile apps, with Facebook the leader as the busiest platform. Although you don’t have to spend all your money on Facebook advertising, these numbers are just too big to ignore.

Brand recognition at an early stage

Facebook can work as a PR tool.

The purpose of a brand awareness campaign is to use analytics data to maximize audience reach. It is very important to start working on this at an early stage. The goal is to get people’s attention.

Facebook Live

Video is the undisputed champion of customer engagement. Facebook Live allows any user to record live videos and share them with friends.

Companies can use this for their interests in several ways:
⦁ Providing clients with behind-the-scenes experience;
⦁ Review of new products or updates;
⦁ Review of new products or updates;
⦁ Answers to questions.

People spend three times more time watching live video than learning content. Therefore, the video must be included on Facebook for digital marketing.