Types of Advertising

Types of advertising can be differentiated according to advertising techniques of communication with users. They are ATL (Above the line), BTL (Under the line) and TTL (Through the line).

ATL is (ad over the line) – media advertising;
BTL (line art) – not media advertising.
TTL combines ATL and BTL, with one form of marketing communication being targeted to the other form, thus crossing the line.

The various types of media advertising are realized through mass media. These are ads on the Internet, television, radio, the press (newspapers and magazines), cinema, as well as outdoor and transport advertising.

Advertisements in newspapers

The newspaper ad may be located on any page, but it is important for this type of ad to determine the position of the creative correctly. The topic of articles that have been published to your ad should be taken into account. Otherwise, there may be an absolute incompatibility between an ad and an article that is not desirable.

Advertisements in magazines

Advertising in magazines is almost the same as newspapers. It has a long message of life and increased confidence. The main difference is that the advertisements in the magazines create greater prestige in the consumers. There are also secondary readers. That’s why the advertisement in the magazines is more expensive and there is no guarantee of its position.

Types of advertisements in the press are several types. Boxes, inserts, classified advertising, paid articles, newspaper or magazine packaging, and more.

Outdoor ads

An advantage of outdoor advertising is that we have the opportunity to use the environment as a generator for original advertising ideas that attract the attention of consumers. The constructions used can be: translators, luminous boxes, volumetric letters, billboards, branded glass and plates, LED lighting, screens, building sites, posters, etc.

Transport ads

Transportation ads can be located on public transport, taxis, corporate cars, subways or advertising balloons, aircraft flying large inscriptions, and more. Messages can be conceptually tailored to this type of advertising.

Advertising in the cinema

One of the commercials in the cinema is product placement. It seems accidental to show and use branded products by the main characters in the movies, but it is actually a strong advertising impact. Such ads exist not only in movies and cinema halls but also on television. Besides these, the commercials are also released before the screening. Advertisements in cinema can also be the tickets, the program, the popcorn packages and the drinks glasses. Overall, because of the pleasure of going to the cinema, it becomes a powerful channel for advertising communication.

Another type of ad split is the life cycle of the product, the ad may be introductory (product presentation) supporting (maintaining product interest) or reminding (remind users of the product).

Advertising is also divided in its direction. It may be social, economic