Ways You Shouldn’t Promote Your Website

What you should not do when promoting your site. Trying to attract as many visitors to the site as possible, some webmasters and “optimizers” have tried and tried to use various tricks, tricks and dishonest methods in an attempt to deceive search engine users and crawlers.

The fight against such cunning optimizers and those who oppose them has been going on for quite some time and with varying success, but during this time different methods have been developed to counter such different means and tricks.

While cunning optimizers come up with new and new ways to replace outdated, novice webmasters, who often try to use any tricks or forbidden optimization methods, get their sites subject to different sanctions and visitors not they just don’t increase, but they go to zero.

What you should not do when promoting your site:

⦁ Do not try to promote your site through spam. First, this method is completely ineffective because more messages will be killed by spam filters and those that will still be received will never be read. Secondly, 100% of people’s spam is annoying and you should have no illusions that these recipients will treat your site kindly. Third, if you try to send spam very diligently, you will be bombarded with vendor complaints, your site may be eliminated at all, not to mention what annoying recipients might do, etc.
⦁ Do not publish content on your site that is not related to the main topic of the site, but is intended only to attract visitors who are interested in completely different things from the search engines. Visitors to your site will leave as soon as possible, and search engine penalties may be imposed on the site. Under no circumstances should you attempt to hide the content crawled by robots from site visitors. You should not post invisible (one colour with background) or small font, as well as invisible links, hidden text in invisible layers or frames, trying to present different content to search engines and site visitors. All such tricks, when discovered, will inevitably lead to bad consequences for your site.