What is advertising?

The word advertising comes from the Latin verb “reclamare”, meaning “call back”. We call advertising commercial messages through mass media aimed at promoting products, brands or services among consumers. Advertiser organizations are not just companies but also political parties, religious organizations, government agencies, and others.

The world trend is getting more and more money to invest in advertising. In 2007, a total of about 380 billion dollars were invested in advertising, with expectations for this amount in 2010 to exceed 450 billion.

Types of mass media – Internet, TV, radio, magazines and newspapers, computer games – are used by advertisers. Creating an ad for companies is an activity of advertising agencies. But advertisements are also created by advertisements in newspapers and magazines, by advertisers themselves, by printers, and others. Creatives can be printed in print or internet; posters, signs or billboards; flyers, stickers; promotional brochures, leaflets, etc., which are put into print or are distributed by mail or by e-mail; souvenir advertising materials, such as pens, jerseys, bags, rucksacks; videos on TV or radio ads. The main goal is the message to reach its target group. Depending on the nature of the message, advertising is defined as inciteous (“Buy Your Product Now!”), Informing (“Offering High Quality Products”) and asking: (“Do You Know About Our Products?”).

Advertisements are still divided into modern and postmodern. “Modern” is advertising that is oriented to the “rational” consumer who needs help in setting up in the market environment. “Postmodern” is the ad that addresses consumers with experience and expertise in the media – they find meaning in the context of the advertising message without having to interpret it.